Welcome all to the 2016-2017 school year. God has granted unto us another principal opportunity for parents to bring their children to be taught of the Lord. This is another year that students are given the occasion to receive quality Christian Education in a safe and friendly environment; teachers are able to pattern their teaching strategies after the Master Teacher and provide a Christ-centered education that leads students into a life of service for God; and friends and supporters are given the awesome responsibility of partnering with the school in building up the Kingdom of God one student at a time.



The school has been serving the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania community for 100 years and the success of its students is shown by the number of them that move on and complete high school and various reputable institutions of higher learning.

The staff and teachers endeavor to live up to the school’s mission statement to educate for eternity by being “distinctly academic” and “decidedly Christian.” We maintain our philosophy to restore the image of God in each of our students by teaching them the importance of developing their physical, mental, social, and spiritual abilities.

We have some exciting things in store for this school year. We have added piano, bell choir, and swimming lessons to our curriculum. We invite you to visit us as we have already begun our registering process. As we build our Website, I invite you to pay close attention as we add all the various facets of our school. Also, check us out on Facebook—we invite our past students to become a Friend of the school!

Yours in Christ,

L. Machelle Williams, Principal